Ideal Haircare Set


The Complete set of the Ideal Haircare System. Set includes our Charcoal & Mint Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner and Curl & Wave Cream. They were designed to work together!

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Brian Akinyanju
Ideal Haircare Set - Highly Recommend

I first purchased the Ideal Haircare Set in July, and I've found each of the products to be amazing! My wife and I both use the charcoal & mint shampoo and leave-in conditioner, and we agree that both products leave our hair feeling clean and healthy - I'm African American and my wife is Middle Eastern - the shampoo and conditioner works perfectly for both our hair textures. I've used the popular wave creams for over 20 years and I've always found them to be thick and heavy. The Ideal curl & wave cream goes on lite but still allows me style my hair the way I like. It also smells great!

Lindsay Lowman

I'm a kinky curly-haired woman; finding the right balance for my hair has been a challenge. I have been getting hair care advice from Chaunte and Mike for many years now. Through my various hair stages: from having a low cut to going natural, they've been my go-to for product recommendations to daily care. Of the products I've tried over the years, this product has truly changed the game for me! Wash days have become my favorite; I get excited about how amazing my scalp will feel when using the Charcoal Mint shampoo. Since switching to Ideal Haircare products, I've experienced a decrease in breakage and shedding when detangling. The moisture retention with daily usage of the leave-in keeps my hair feeling soft along with the curl and wave cream. These three products have replaced all of the products I was using daily. They smell amazing and are lightweight, so it doesn't feel like I'm layering on products. The only complaint I have is that they didn't create these sooner!

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Darius B.
Buy It!

I have officially resorted to Ideal’s products due to all other products in stores drying out my hair. Ideal’s products do not dry out my hair. Thanks to the Andrews’ family for introducing your product to me. Your product is Ideal.

Xavier Williams
Great Products!

These products are simply amazing! They compliment each other very well. They smell great and, of course, are good for your hair with the natural oils in them. I can honestly see these products in stores in the future.

Toni Baldwin
My hair says Thank you

I love this set. The combination of the charcoal and peppermint together in the shampoo is amazing. I love the slip it gives my hair and the refreshing tingle after. The leave in condition and curl cream are the perfect weight and does not weigh my hair down even with daily use.