“The word ideal means, one’s idea of what is perfect. I’m not perfect by any means but with your help I can give you your Ideal Haircut!”

Nyah's Services

Signature Haircut (No Face)

Book this service for a Bald Fade, Temp fade, Drop fade, Business cut or Buzz cut. Includes razor or color enhancement. Does Not Include Shaving Face; add on “face clipper shave” if needed. Book Speciality Haircut for trendy cuts like mohawks.

Signature Haircut & Facial Hair Trim

Book for a bald fade, temp fade, drop fade or an all even cut. Additionally, your beard will be trimmed and groomed.

Bald Head (Clippers Only)

Along with the scalp clipper shave you will receive a Charcoal Scalp Scrub and Aloe Vera Treatment.

Line Up(face included)


Includes lining of hairline and facial hair. Please add "beard trim" for facial hair shave. Full facial hair shave not included.

The IDEAL Facial

Ideal for those who want the best out of skin care. Includes the following:

⁃ Double Cleanse

⁃ Skin Analysis

⁃ Exfoliation

⁃ Extractions

⁃ Tone

⁃ Massage

⁃ Mask

⁃ Serum

⁃ Moisturizer/SPF

⁃ Steam Treatment